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See our school zone online

The Department has released a new website that helps parents identify their local public school online. launched on 24 April 2019 and shows every school zone across the state. The new website highlights the choice of public schools available to the Victorian community.

  • Every public school is a great school. Find your local public school at
  • Our school helps students reach their potential. Find your local public school now at
  • Our school is growing as fast as our community. If you’re considering enrolling your children next year, check our school zone at
  • If you’re considering enrolling your children next year, check our school zone at
  • Ever wondered where our school zone begins and ends? Or what other schools are in the area? You can now use to find your local public school.
  • Got a friend with children starting school next year? Tag them in this post to help them find their closest public school using
  • is making it easier for everyone to find their local public school. See how it works by entering your address now.




Education Week- Parents getting in on the fun


Education Week- Sharing a game of basketball with the dads








We recognize the importance of parents and teachers working together as a team for the benefit of their children and as such, invite parent participation of any kind in our school. Parents, grandparents or any other family member with a ‘Working with children’s check’ is always welcome to join us in the classroom. We also love parent participation on our special event days and during assembly on Fridays at 2:30pm.

Celebrating with our parents

Celebrating with our parents during the school 10th birthday.