We are a 5 Star Sustainable School!!

As of December 2014, Roxburgh Rise Primary School officially became a 5 Star Sustainable School. This is a fantastic achievement which has taken over 5 years to complete and we are now only one of 26 schools around Victoria to be formally certified as a 5 Star Sustainable School. To become a sustainable school, Roxburgh Rise Primary School were required to demonstrate continuous improvement against benchmarks that were set in the areas of planning, biodiversity, energy, waste and water.

Becoming a 5 Star Sustainable School is the pinnacle of the Resource Smart Aussi Vic program. Five stars have been awarded to Roxburgh Rise Primary School who have fully embedded sustainability in everything they do, with ongoing proven results. Roxburgh Rise Primary School has demonstrated leadership in sustainability by:

  • Having strong links with the school community, broader local community and local community groups.
  • Using the school grounds as outdoor classrooms
  • Embedding sustainability in the school culture – it is at the core of our school values, beliefs and persona
  • Mentoring other schools, students mentoring students, teachers mentoring teachers and in some cases students mentoring teachers
  • Being at the forefront of sustainability technology and other environmental initiatives
  • Being recognised by other schools as being outstanding in the area of environmental sustainability
  • Incorporating sustainability into the school’s curriculum across all learning areas and year level.