School/ Home Communication

Up to date notes and information about what is happening at RRPS can be found via the Flexibuzz app.

Flexibuzz App—FREE on all platforms

Flexibuzz is the app our school is using to communicate with our community.




On Flexibuzz you can:

  • Find out and get reminders about coming events
  • Get information about excursions
  • Write and sign absence notes for your kids’ absences
  • Read the canteen list and uniform information
  • Sign in for school interviews
  • Message the school or use the ‘contact us’ section
  • Read the newsletter and directly get a link to our website

phonesPlease download this FREE app from your APP store so that you can keep up to date with important school information. When you download the app select our school as your home school. (If you are not sure ask your kids to help you!)