Student Leadership

Roxburgh Rise Primary School provides many students with leadership opportunities. Each year, students are elected to School Captain and House Captain positions. These highly regarded positions of responsibility provide an opportunity for these students to develop their leadership skills and lead a team of students during whole school activities.

Our Houses are: Ruby, Topaz, Emerald & Sapphire 

Junior School Council

Children in Grades 3 to 6 are given the opportunity to be a member of Junior School Council. Representatives for each class are nominated by their peers. Students are encouraged to express their views, act as a spokesperson for their peers and make decisions on various aspects of the school facilities and happenings. Through their involvement they learn about democratic processes and also increase their responsibility towards other children and the school.

Peer Mediators

Students in Grade 5 apply to be a peer mediator when they are in Grade 6. Peer mediators are trained in resolving conflicts between students.