Numeracy at Roxburgh Rise Primary School (RRPS)

An overview of Numeracy at RRPS

Numeracy Teaching and Learning is based on the belief that sound understanding of Numeracy is integral to successful participation in modern society. The development of student knowledge, skills and personal confidence is a core focus at RRPS.

Our research-based approach to the teaching of Numeracy includes:

  • School wide ongoing assessment and monitoring of the development of all students. This allows us to focus on continuous improvement, tailored program development and delivery.
  • Explicit, daily teaching of numeracy utilising a school wide instructional model
  • Whole class modelling and explanations of mathematical vocabulary and understandings.
  • Small group instruction allowing for differentiated learning.
  • The opportunity to work with others in collaborative learning situations.
  • The extensive use of concrete materials or manipulatives in all learning phases and the application of mathematical knowledge in authentic, real world situations.
  • Opportunities for students to have growth mindset and to self-assess and set goals.
  • A whole school scope and sequence document based on best practice approaches in core areas of mathematics study. The program focuses on the three strands of Mathematics: Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry and Statistics and Probability incorporating the four proficiencies.
  • Digital based Numeracy resources to engage students and support them in their learning.

Mathematics Structure

Mathematics Vocabulary

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Mathematics Policy

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Mathematics Online Programs at RRPS:

  • Essential Assessments Online
  • Mathletics Online
  • Top Ten Resources Mathematical Library
  • Range of hands on resources for students
  • Showbie for students to collaborate and upload student work for teachers and parents

How you can support your child at home:

Free Websites for students to use at home:

Snapshots of Numeracy at RRPS

Numeracy Playground

Classroom Numeracy Area


Students at work

Mathematics at RRPS
Mathematics policy
Mathematics Glossary