Mathematics Teaching and Learning is based on the belief that Mathematics is integral to participation in modern society. The development of student knowledge, skills and personal confidence is a core focus at Roxburgh Rise PS.

Our research based approach to the teaching of mathematics includes:

  • School wide ongoing assessment and monitoring of the development of all students. This allows us to focus on continuous improvement and tailored program development and delivery.
  • Explicit, daily teaching of numeracy utilising a school wide lesson model
  • Whole class modelling and explanations of mathematical understandings.
  • Small group instruction allowing for differentiated learning.
  • The opportunity to work with others in co-operative, partner and small group learning situations.
  • An emphasis on problem solving, the extensive use of concrete materials in all learning phases and the application of mathematical knowledge in authentic, real world situations.
  • A whole school scope and sequence document based on best practice approaches in core areas of mathematics study including place value, number operations, fractions/decimals/percent and problem solving.
  • Digital based resources to engage students and support them in their learning.

We recognise the important role parents play in the development of numeracy skills in their child/ren and provide regular home practise ideas and regular parent teacher interviews and written reports.




Our Maths Themed Garden has a checker board, paved hopscotch area, hexagonal seating, 4 interactive play panels and a dry creek bed.