Literacy is critical to a student’s education and supports development in all curriculum areas. At Roxburgh Rise PS we achieve a balanced approach to teaching literacy through the following research based practices:

  • School wide ongoing assessment and monitoring of the development of all students. Assessment informs our focus on continuous improvement and tailored program development and delivery.
  • Explicit, daily teaching and modelling of reading, writing and word study strategies.
  • Small group instruction in reading and writing allowing for differentiated learning, balanced with whole class and individual learning opportunities.
  • Opportunities for independent reading and classroom discussions to promote critical analysis and discussions.
  • A whole school approach to teaching both reading comprehension and writing, supported by team planning and regular professional learning.
  • A whole school approach to teaching spelling and word study.
  • An oral language development program.
  • Comprehensive EAL program for students who are learning English as an Additional Language
  • Digital literacy is developed through the use of a range of devices, applications and programs such as iPads in the early years, and 1 to 1 notebooks in grades 4-6.
  • Extensive library, classroom and online resources to engage students and support them in their learning.

A positive home-school partnership is fostered through our home reading program, parent information sessions, encouraging parent assistance during the literacy block and regular parent teacher interviews and written reports.