Vision and Values


To provide all students with opportunities to become successful life-long learners.

Mission Statement

To provide a comprehensive curriculum that improves student learning in a safe, caring and challenging environment.


At Roxburgh Rise Primary School we value: Respect, Inclusiveness, Support, Excellence (R,I,S,E)

Value What does it mean What does it look like
Respect We behave in ways that show care and consideration for others and our community. We demonstrate this by:

  • Treating everyone how we want to be treated
  • Adhering to the school expectations (link to school policy for uniform, attendance, etc.)
  • Listening to other people and valuing what they say
  • Being kind, caring, and friendly to each other
  • Looking after our equipment and resources
  • Always doing the right thing
  • Caring for our school
  • Setting a good example for others
Inclusiveness We accept and embrace everyone’s similarities and differences. We demonstrate this by:

  • Saying hello to everyone
  • Treating everyone equally
  • Letting everybody have a go
  • Making people feel like they belong
  • Learning about each other
  • Working together as a team
  • Trying new things
Support We are there for one another We demonstrate this by:

  • Helping each other
  • Sharing our things
  • Listening to everyone in our community
  • Sharing our knowledge/resources/ideas/time
  • Supporting each other in all we do
  • Encouraging one another to do our best
  • Asking ‘how can I help you?’
  • Asking for help when something is too hard
Excellence We strive to do our personal best. We demonstrate this by:

  • Being proud and passionate about our learning
  • Doing our BEST at all times
  • Persisting in all we do
  • Setting achievable goals for ourselves
  • Recognising our strengths and areas for growth
  • Being active learners and strive to improve our knowledge and skills
  • Reflecting on and understanding how we learn best